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Immigration After Executive Action: A Symposium on Reform

Immigration After Executive Action: A Symposium on Reform December 11th Event

As President Obama pursues executive action to reshape America’s immigration system, Hudson Institute will host a symposium of competing views on immigration reform and its compatibility with America’s founding principles, a free market economy, and the evolving needs of modern America.

On Thursday, December 11th, Hudson Institute’s John Fonte joined Michael Barone of the American Enterprise Institute, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, Andrew C. McCarthy of the National Review Institute, Alex Nowrasteh of Cato Institute, and George F. Will of the Washington Post to discuss the many facets of immigration reform.

This conference marks the publication of the latest “Encounter Broadside,” Open Immigration: Yea & Nay by Alex Nowrasteh and Mark Krikorian, and is jointly sponsored by Encounter Books, the Center for Immigration Studies, and Hudson Institute.

John Fonte Panelist

Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Common Culture, Hudson Institute

Michael Barone Panelist

Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Mark Krikorian Panelist

Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies

Andrew C. McCarthy Panelist

Senior Fellow, National Review Institute

Alex Nowrasteh Panelist

Immigration Policy Analyst, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute

George F. Will Panelist

Columnist, Washington Post

Hudson Experts

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