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National Security, Privacy, and Renewing the USA PATRIOT Act May 13th Event

As the June 1st deadline for extending controversial portions of the USA PATRIOT Act nears, a fractured Congress must wrestle with competing visions of the future of our nation’s intelligence capabilities.

On May 13th, Hudson Institute will host Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas, a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, for a conversation on the enduring relevance of the USA PATRIOT Act intelligence programs. Representative Pompeo will give remarks on the constitutionality of these programs, arguing they in fact protect the privacy of U.S. citizens and are an essential tool for our nation’s security. As American intelligence analysts and operatives work to thwart the many deadly threats facing our nation — including those posed by al Qaeda, ISIS, and other jihadists — Representative Pompeo will explain how restricting these intelligence programs would expose U.S. national security to unnecessary risk.

Following his remarks, Representative Pompeo will join former FCC Commissioner and Hudson Senior Fellow Robert McDowell for a conversation on the fallout from Edward Snowden’s activities, the appropriate role of the NSA and its metadata program, and the significance of other U.S. intelligence agencies involved in counterterrorism efforts.


Representative Mike Pompeo Speaker

United States Congressman (R-Kansas)

Kenneth R. Weinstein Speaker

President & CEO, Hudson Institute

Robert McDowell Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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