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Remarks by Senator Tom Cotton on Crime and Justice in America May 19th Event

One of the most impressive public policy achievements of the past generation has been a dramatic nationwide reduction in crime. However, some policymakers have begun to adopt an array of initiatives, that while well-intentioned, could put communities at greater risk and increase recidivism, from the reduction of mandatory minimum sentences and automatic restoration of felon voting rights to the curtailment of effective policing strategies.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke about the current trends in criminal justice policy at Hudson Institute at noon on Thursday, May 19, 2016. He discussed the trend toward criminal leniency, consequences of various “reform” policies, and policy alternatives to bolster public safety and present reasonable opportunities for former felons seeking to re-join society.

Read the full text of Senator Cotton’s speech here.

Senator Tom Cotton Speaker

U.S. Senator from Arkansas

John P. Walters Moderator

Chief Operating Officer, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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