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The Kleptocracy Curse

The Kleptocracy Curse October 20th event

The Kleptocracy Curse: Rethinking Containment, a new report by journalist Ben Judah, offers a definitive account of kleptocracy as a pervasive global phenomenon and lays out the policies needed to defeat it. On October 20, Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative hosted the report launch and an expert panel discussion on this insidious threat to democracy, the rule of law, and national security featuring Charles Davidson, Benjamin Haddad, Ben Judah, Karen Dawisha, Hannah Thoburn, and Thomas Firestone.

Many of the autocratic regimes threatening the U.S. and its allies are structured as kleptocracies. Criminal elites are misappropriating public funds and aid payments on a massive scale, undermining democracy in other countries by exporting corruption, and threatening global stability through territorial expansionism. Kleptocracies thrive on the vast shadow economy revealed by the Panama Papers and other recent scandals, and facilitated by unscrupulous lawyers, bankers, lobbyists, and other professional “enablers.” Despite this, our leaders have so far failed to recognize the true nature of these regimes and acknowledge Western complicity.

Benjamin Haddad Moderator

Research Fellow, Hudson Institute

Ben Judah Speaker

British journalist and Author, This Is London

Charles Davidson Speaker

Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

Karen Dawisha Panelist

Author, Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?

Hannah Thoburn Panelist

Research Fellow, Hudson Institute

Thomas Firestone Panelist

Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP

Hudson Experts

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