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China's Crony Capitalism: Kleptocracy with Chinese Characteristics
(Doug Armand/Getty Images)

China's Crony Capitalism: Kleptocracy with Chinese Characteristics December 14th Event

When Deng Xiaoping launched China on the path to economic reform in the late 1970s, he vowed to build “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” More than three decades later, China’s efforts to modernize have yielded something very different from the working people’s paradise Deng envisioned: an incipient kleptocracy, characterized by endemic corruption, soaring income inequality, and growing social tensions.

On December 14, Hudson Institute hosted Minxin Pei for a discussion on his latest book, China’s Crony Capitalism: The Dynamics of Regime Decay. Noted experts Richard McGregor, Andrew Wedeman, and Evan Osnos joined Dr. Pei for a conversation on the unique aspects of China’s kleptocracy and its importance for understanding kleptocracy worldwide. The Kleptocracy Initiative’s Executive Director, Charles Davidson, moderated the event.


Charles Davidson Moderator

Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

Minxin Pei Speaker

Professor, Claremont McKenna College and author of China’s Crony Capitalism

Richard McGregor Panelist

Journalist and author of The Party

Evan Osnos Panelist

Staff Writer, The New Yorker and Fellow, Brookings Institution

Andrew Wedeman Panelist

Professor, Georgia State University and Fellow, Wilson Center

Hudson Experts

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