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Russian Interference: Past, Present, and Future
A computer hard drive showing the portrait of Russian President Putin (Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

Russian Interference: Past, Present, and Future July 6th Event

Intelligence community testimony and an ongoing special counsel investigation suggest an extensive Russian effort to interfere in last year’s U.S. presidential election and thereby undermine confidence in our democratic system. Much relevant information remains classified and congressional and executive-branch inquiries are far from concluded. But the outlines of this purported Kremlin meddling do reflect a range of intelligence tactics previously developed by Russia to destabilize its Baltic neighbors and weaken democratic institutions worldwide.

To examine these and other related issues, Hudson Institute welcomed Fox News host Bret Baier to moderate a discussion with Michael Doran, Michael Pregent, David Tafuri, and Hannah Thoburn. Join us on July 6 for an examination of recent Russian interference in Western politics, its historical global precedents, and how the U.S. can mitigate the threat of foreign political disruption in the future.


Bret Baier Moderator

Host and Chief Political Anchor, Fox News

Michael Doran Panelist

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Michael Pregent Panelist

Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute

David Tafuri Panelist

Partner, Dentons

Hannah Thoburn Panelist

Research Fellow, Hudson Institute

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