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A New Nuclear Review for a New Age
Titan nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in an Arizona silo (photo credit: Michael Dunning)
Photo Credit: Michael Dunning

A New Nuclear Review for a New Age July 13th Event

The contemporary nuclear environment is very different from that which immediately followed the Cold War and the Nuclear Posture Reviews in 1994, 2001, and 2010. A New Nuclear Review for a New Age, a recent study published by the National Institute for Public Policy, provides timely recommendations for how the United States must respond to the changes and adapt its nuclear posture to deter enemies, assure allies, and limit damage in the event deterrence fails.

On July 13, Hudson Institute hosted a discussion with the director of the study, Dr. Keith Payne, and contributing authors Dr. Matthew Kroenig, Dr. Thomas Karako, and Rebeccah Heinrichs.


Rebeccah Heinrichs Moderator

Fellow, Hudson Institute

Keith Payne Panelist

President, National Institute for Public Policy

Matthew Kroenig Panelist

Professor of Government, Georgetown University and Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Thomas Karako Panelist

Senior Fellow, International Security Program & Director, Missile Defense Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Hudson Experts

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