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Defense Cooperation in the West Pacific: Countering Chinese and North Korean Threats
Chinese and North Korean flags outside the Sino-Korea bilateral trade market (Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images

Defense Cooperation in the West Pacific: Countering Chinese and North Korean Threats October 2nd Event

The western Pacific faces growing threats from a rising China and an increasingly bellicose North Korea. American policy is in the midst of change and Japan, too, is responding to the rise in regional tensions. Exactly what is the threat? What are the options for addressing it? What possibilities exist for greater cooperation?

On October 2, Hudson Institute hosted a distinguished panel of experts to examine these and related questions in light of growing challenges to regional and national security. Seth Cropsey, director of Hudson Institute’s Center for American Seapower, moderated a discussion with Richard D. Fisher, Jr. of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, Paul Giarra of Global Strategies & Transformation, Jun Isomura of Hudson Institute, and Kanji Ishimaru of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

To view Mr. Fisher’s slides, click here.

To view Mr. Isomura’s slides, click here.


Seth Cropsey Moderator

Senior Fellow & Director, Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute

Richard D. Fisher, Jr. Panelist

Senior Fellow, International Assessment and Strategy Center

Paul Giarra Panelist

President, Global Strategies & Transformation

Jun Isomura Panelist

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Kanji Ishimaru Panelist

Director, Member of Board, & Senior Managing Executive Officer, ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

Hudson Experts

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