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Obstacles to Press Freedom in Latin America: Three National Experiences
Photojournalists raise their cameras as a protest against the closure of Argentine private news agency DYN in Buenos Aires, November 14, 2017 (EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP/Getty Images)
(Photo credit: EITAN ABRAMOVICH/AFP/Getty Images)

Obstacles to Press Freedom in Latin America: Three National Experiences December 6th Event

Freedom of the press, accessible to 13 percent of the world’s population, depends on several factors including reliable and robust coverage of political news, a clear division between the media and government, and legal protections for journalists.

After decades of improvement in the 1990s and early 2000s, freedom of the press in Latin America has declined in the last ten years, with journalists facing precarious security situations as well as government censorship and regulation in certain countries. Over the past 10 years, independent media outlets in Ecuador have come under direct attack by President Rafael Correa’s government, which has used legal, financial, and economic means to undermine media independence and financial stability. In Mexico, journalists experience serious safety concerns and 93 have been killed since 1994. In contrast, Costa Rica has provided legal protections to promote freedom of the press and was ranked sixth overall in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index.

For a deeper look at conditions facing journalists in Latin America, Hudson Institute hosted a panel discussion on December 6 with leading members of the press from Ecuador, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Jaime Daremblum, the event featured Armando González, editor-in-chief of La Nación (Costa Rica); Hector Schamis, a weekly columnist for El País (Madrid); and Gabriela Vivanco Salvador, editorial vice president of La Hora (Ecuador).

To view Gabriela Vivanco Salvador’s slides, click here.


Ambassador Jaime Daremblum Moderator

Senior Fellow & Director, Center for Latin America, Hudson Institute

Armando González Speaker

Editor-in-Chief, La Nación (Costa Rica)

Hector Schamis Speaker

Columnist, El País (Madrid)

Gabriela Vivanco Salvador Speaker

Editorial Vice President, La Hora (Ecuador)

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