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Dialogues on American Foreign Policy and World Affairs: Senator Chris Coons & Walter Russell Mead February 28th Event

On February 28, Hudson welcomed Senator Chris Coons and Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead for a one-on-one discussion of U.S. national security threats and opportunities. Mead will explore Sen. Coon’s perspective on the future of the Middle East, Russia and Transatlantic relations, the challenges of a rising China, prospects for Sub-Saharan Africa, and other concerns facing American policymakers today and in the years ahead.

A highly regarded and prominent voice on national security and international affairs, Sen. Coons serves on the Foreign Relations Committee and on the Subcommittees for Africa and Global Health Policy, Multilateral Institutions and International Development, and for the State Department and USAID Management. Sen. Coons is also a member of the Appropriations subcommittee that funds the State Department and foreign aid. In that capacity, he is an advocate for an active U.S. role in the Middle East, policies to counter Russian aggression and subversion in Europe, stronger U.S. partnerships in Africa, global human rights and democracy efforts, and greater investments in food security, global health, and development programs.


Senator Chris Coons Speaker

U.S. Senator from Delaware

Walter Russell Mead Moderator

Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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