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Canada’s Quantum Valley: An Integrated Pathway to the High-Tech Future
Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre, Waterloo, Canada (Doublespace/View Pictures/UIG via Getty Images)

Canada’s Quantum Valley: An Integrated Pathway to the High-Tech Future October 16 Event

In conjunction with DC CyberWeek, Hudson Institute’s Quantum Alliance Initiative hosted a public event to explore Canada’s Quantum Valley, a high-tech ecosystem clustered around the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Mike Lazaridis, co-founder of Blackberry, provided keynote remarks describing how Canadian academics, investors, and industry work closely to develop and commercialize quantum technology. Iain Stewart, President of the National Research Council of Canada, also delivered an address for the event.

In partnership with ISARA and the Canadian Embassy, and moderated by Dr. Arthur Herman, Hudson Senior Fellow and director of Hudson’s Quantum Alliance Initiative, leading experts from business, government, and academia discussed the unique processes and best practices of Quantum Valley, in order to derive lessons that the U.S. can apply to its own quantum sector.

To view Mike Lazaridis’ slides, click here.

To view Iain Stewart’s slides, click here.

To view Arthur Herman’s slides, click here.

To view Joseph Emerson’s slides, click here.

To view Scott Totzke’s slides, click here.


Kenneth R. Weinstein Speaker

President and CEO, Hudson Institute

Arthur Herman Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Mike Lazaridis Speaker

Founder, Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics; Founder, Institute of Quantum Computing; Founder and Managing Partner, Quantum Valley Investments

Raymond LaFlamme Speaker

Quantum Information Chair, Institute of Quantum Computing

Iain Stewart Speaker

President, National Research Council of Canada

Michael Duschenes Speaker

COO, Perimeter Institute

Iain Klugman Speaker

CEO, Communitech

Joseph Emerson Speaker

CEO, Quantum Benchmark

Scott Totzke Speaker


Hudson Experts

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