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The Ambassadors Series: French Ambassador Discusses the Evolving U.S.-French Relationship

On October 29th, Hudson Institute hosted Gérard Araud, ambassador of France to the United States, for a discussion about the current state of U.S.-French relations, moderated by Distinguished Fellow and Ravenel B. Curry Chair Walter Russell Mead.

The U.S.-French relationship is encountering new and complex issues. The free-trade regime, previously the centerpiece of U.S.-French relations, is undergoing massive changes. Conflicts arising from new U.S. tariff policies, as well as the underwhelming G-7 summit, have left French politicians feeling uneasy about the future of U.S.-French relations. Thanks to his part in negotiating the Iran deal, Ambassador Araud is no stranger to uneasiness and is aware of the necessity of sustained U.S.-French cooperation in tackling the security challenges confronting both countries. Given the threats that still exist in regions such as the Middle East and Northern Africa, the necessity for continued U.S.-French cooperation is clear.


Gérard Araud Speaker

Ambassador of France to the United States

Walter Russell Mead Speaker

Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

John Walters Speaker

Chief Operating Officer, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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