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Video Event | Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Age of Pandemic

Video Event | Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Age of Pandemic

Please be advised: This event will be premiering at 12:00 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, April 28.

The COVID-19 pandemic is erupting at a time when democracy was already being challenged by authoritarian regimes. Now, competitors to the liberal order are treating the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to exploit for their advantage. But the crisis is also an opportunity to prove the resilience of democracy and could drive new demands for freedom.

Authoritarian regimes such as the Chinese Communist Party are not just cementing their grip on power at home, but also touting their political systems as a model for others to emulate. At the same time, last year also saw robust pro-democracy movements arise around the world—including in Hong Kong, Iran, and Sudan. The current pandemic will impact all these dynamics: Shutdowns inhibit major public protests, crises create opportunities for autocrats to seize power, differences in health outcomes in democratic and autocratic countries can shift global attitudes, and public health surveillance systems collide with civil liberties.

Join Hudson Institute for a discussion on what the ongoing crisis means for the future of global democracy and what the United States and allies can do to protect freedom around the world.


Blaise Misztal

Fellow, Hudson Institute

Heather Nauert

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Torrey Taussig

Research Director, Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship, Harvard Kennedy School

Daniel Twining

President, International Republican Institute

Hudson Experts