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Virtual Event | Is a Nuclear Iran Inevitable?

Virtual Event | Is a Nuclear Iran Inevitable?

Please be advised: This event will premiere on this page at 12:00 p.m. EST, Tuesday, November 16. Register for the event here.

For the last ten months, Iran has expanded its nuclear infrastructure and highly-enriched stockpiles in dangerous ways and rebuffed inspections. It is now increasingly apparent that the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism could possess nuclear weapons within a little as one month. What can the United States and its partners do to prevent this terrifying development? Nuclear experts David Albright and Olli Heinonen join Hudson fellow Josh Block for the latest in a series of conversations on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


David Albright

Founder and President, Institute for Science and International Security, Co-Author of Illicit Trade Networks: Connecting the Dots

Olli Heinonen

Distinguished Fellow, Stimson Center, Former Deputy Director General for Safeguards, International Atomic Energy


Josh Block

Adjunct Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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