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2005 Bradley Symposium: Vision and Philanthropy

Many think the key to success for conservative philanthropy is its willingness to give imaginatively and consistently, and according to a larger, coherent vision of public policy. But what is the conservative vision for American today? And how can philanthropy best promote it?

On February 16, 2005, Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal brought together twenty one prominent conservative thinkers, writers, and philanthropists to discuss these essential questions. The day’s keynote address was given by White House Director of Strategic Initiatives Peter Wehner. Nearly 150 invited guests attended the event. 

Amy Kass served as moderator of the discussion, and began by pointing out the multiplicity of views evident in the papers prepared for the discussion. Kass was also struck by the radical nature of some of the proposals: “Roll back the Progressive era.” “Topple the educational blob.” “Seize control of the next generation of wealth.” She wondered—and posed to the panelists the question Jim Piereson asked in his essay: “What really are you and your institutions working to conserve?”“ This was the topic of the first panel. The second panel, with much the same group around the table, addressed the question of how philanthropy can enact a conservative vision. Finally, a keynote address was given by Peter Wehner, director of the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives, on “President Bush’s Governing Philosophy.”

The Bradley Symposium is an annual discussion convened by Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center. Information and documents from all Bradley Symposia can be accessed via the Bradley Center’s description page. To request further information on these events or the Bradley Center, please contact Hudson Institute at (202) 974-2424 or e-mail Krista.

To receive a hard copy of the book by mail, contact Krista Shaffer.

Stuart Butler, Panelist

The Heritage Foundation

Linda Chavez, Panelist

Center for Equal Opportunity

Michael Cromartie, Panelist

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Barbara Elliott, Panelist

Center for Renewal

Pete du Pont, Panelist

Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation

Steven Hayward, Panelist

American Enterprise Institute

Roger Hertog, Panelist

Manhattan Institute

Heather Higgins, Panelist

Randolph Foundation

Peb Jackson, Panelist

Saddleback Church

Robert Kagan, Panelist

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Leon Kass, Panelist

American Enterprise Institute

David Keene, Panelist

American Conservative Union

William Kristol, Panelist

The Weekly Standard

Leonard Leo, Panelist

The Federalist Society

Heather Mac Donald, Panelist

Manhattan Institute

Scott McConnell, Panelist

The American Conservative

Stephen Moore, Panelist

Free Enterprise Fund

Grover Norquist, Panelist

Americans for Tax Reform

James Piereson, Panelist

John M. Olin Foundation

Robert Woodson, Sr., Panelist

Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

Amy Kass Moderator

Hudson Institute

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