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Perspectives on Sudan'’s Upcoming Elections

In April, Sudan is scheduled to hold national elections in the midst of a tense peace between North and South and an ongoing conflict in the western province of Darfur. These elections represent a critical test for the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended a 20-year conflict between the Muslim North and the mainly Christian and traditional South Sudan. Sudanese throughout the country will vote for a president, parliament, and state governors, while southerners will also vote for their regional president and parliament. If free and fair, these elections — the first genuine multi-party national elections since 1986 — will represent a milestone in the implementation of this peace agreement. They will also provide insight into the prospects for a successfully held referendum on secession for South Sudan in early 2011. From their various perspectives, our panel of experts discussed these issues and others.

Paul Marshall Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow

Dave Peterson, Panelist

Senior Director of the Africa Program of the National Endowment for Democracy and former executive director of Project South Africa of the A. Philip Randolph Educational Fund

Gafar O. Kangam, Panelist

Board Member of Nuba Mountain International Association and co-founder of Voices for Sudan, a Sudanese-led advocacy group

Khalid Gerais, Panelist

Human rights activist and co-founder of Nubia Project, a coalition partner of Voices for Sudan

Hudson Experts

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