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Philanthropy and the Storm: Five years after Hurricane Katrina

The Bradley Center’s fall series of monthly panels began on Wednesday, September 29, with a discussion of the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the region five years ago. From the beginning, civil society organizations have played an important role in the ongoing reconstruction efforts. Now after five years of intensive recovery efforts, what are the most important lessons we’ve learned, and how can nonprofit organizations adapt these lessons in response to future disasters? What role has social entrepreneurship played and how can it be utilized more effectively? To what degree is the government needed to guide the reconstruction efforts?

William Schambra, Introductory Remarks

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Bradley Center for Philanthropy & Civic Renewal

Lenore Ealy, Moderator

Mercatus Center Senior Scholar and President of Thinkitecture

Tony Pipa, Panelist

a founder of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

Emily Chamlee-Wright, Panelist

Mercatus Center

William Stallworth, Panelist

Hope Community Development Agency

Stephen Bradberry, Panelist

Alliance Institute and the former head organizer of the New Orleans' ACORN Chapter

Hudson Experts

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