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Can Argentina Free Itself from Chavismo?

Once considered the “Jewel of South America,” Argentina is now suffering from runaway inflation and declining regional influence. Argentina’s foreign policy has taken an increasingly anti-American direction. President Cristina Kirchner has taken cues from Hugo Chávez by attacking and intimidating private companies, adopting statist anti-market policies. Moreover, Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman speaks in increasingly anti-American rhetoric. Argentina, in short, is in step with Venezuela.

Hudson Institute hosted an in-depth discussion of the internal and external situation in Argentina. What should the role of the U.S. be toward Argentina? How should a new U.S. Congress help foster democracy and economic growth, development, and good governance towards our neighbors in the Hemisphere?

Christopher Sands, Moderator, Panel One

Hudson Senior Fellow

Hugo Alconada, Panel One

Author and lead investigative journalist for La Nacíon (Buenos Aires)

Martin Bohmer, Panel One

Professor and Dean of the School of Law, University of San Andrés, Argentina

Lino Gutierez, Panel One

CEO, Gutierrez Global LLC, and former U.S. Ambassador to Argentina

Jaime Daremblum, Moderator, Panel Two

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director of Center for Latin American Studies

Dan Fisk, Panel Two

VP for Policy and Strategy Planning, International Republican Institute

Lino Gutierez, Panel Two

CEO, Gutierrez Global LLC, and former U.S. Ambassador to Argentina

James Roberts, Panel Two

Research Fellow for Economic Freedom and Growth, Heritage Foundation

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