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Identity, Democracy, and the Nation-State

There has been much debate within the academic community about whether a strong national core identity is necessary to democracy, or whether it is ultimately subversive.

An eminent panel addressed this issue by asking important questions. Do immigrants have the right to redefine the culture of their new homeland? What requirements, if any, should Western societies demand of non-Western immigrants?

Can secularism and scientific rationalism?with obeisance to globalism and multiculturalism?be enough to perpetuate democracy and Western civilization, or are religious virtues and traditional Western values of critical importance to the survival of democracy?

Hudson’s Center for American Common Culture is grateful to The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation for its generous support of this event.

Kenneth Weinstein, Introductory Remarks

Hudson Insitute President & CEO

John Fonte, Introductory Remarks

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Common Culture

Christopher Caldwell, Moderator

Senior Editor at the Weekly Standard

Paul Berman, Panelist

Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University

James Ceaser, Panelist

Professor of Politics, University of Virginia

Michael Novak, Panelist

rofessor and Trustee, Ave Maria University

Marcello Pera, Panelist

Hudson Visiting Fellow and Italian Senator

Hudson Experts

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