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The Coptic Winter: What Does the Massacre at Maspero Mean for Egypt's Christians?

The world was shocked by violence directed against a Coptic Christian protest march in the streets of Cairo on October 9. Egyptian authorities and others brutally dispersed a demonstration of mostly Coptic Christians, who had been protesting the failure of the caretaker Egyptian government to protect them against increasing attacks by extremist Muslims. While the Copts mourn their dead, and the Egyptian military evades responsibility for its role, there has not been a clear understanding of this development’s implications for U.S. foreign policy. Egypt is a key American partner in Middle East peace and a large aid recipient. We need to assess the short-and long-term impact on the Middle East’s largest Christian minority and on Egypt as a whole.

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Nina Shea, Moderator

Directer, Center for Religious Freedom

Samuel Tadros, Panelist

Hudson Research Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom

Eric Trager, Panelist

Ira Weiner Fellow , Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Kurt Werthmuller, Panelist

Hudson Research Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom

Hudson Experts

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