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A book discussion on "Philanthropy in America"

A new book by historian Olivier Zunz, Philanthropy in America, takes an engaging look at the development of philanthropy in the United States during the twentieth-century. Ira Katznelson of Columbia University writes:

“This beautifully crafted book, by master historian Olivier Zunz, transforms our understanding of American civil society. Zunz compellingly traces the often auspicious, yet sometimes troublesome relationships that bind government to philanthropy, money to responsibility, and charitable decisions to social reform and democratic performance. Anyone interested in U.S. politics and society will want to engage with this riveting narrative.”

Suggested Reading

Olivier Zunz, Philanthropy In America: A History, In Search of a Non Profit Sector

William Schambra, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Bradley Center for Philanthropy & Civic Renewal

Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Panelist

Levy Institute Research Professor at Bard College

Michael Edwards, Panelist

Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos

John Tyler, Panelist

General Counsel, Kauffman Foundation

Olivier Zunz, Panelist

Commonwealth Professor of History at The University of Virginia

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