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Philosopher of Politics: A Tribute to Harvey C. Mansfield and His Enduring Influence

Over the course of an extraordinary career spanning six decades, and as the author of fourteen books and translations, Professor Harvey C. Mansfield of Harvard University has made a lasting contribution to the history of political thought, uncovering important insights on the philosophical foundations of constitutionalism, self-government, executive power, political parties, and the powerful character of the American model.

Earlier this year, Professor Mansfield celebrated his eightieth birthday. To mark this significant milestone, and to reflect upon his impressive body of work, Hudson Institute hosted a conference on the theoretical foundations of Mansfield’s insights and their implications for American politics.

Professor Mansfield offered his reflections on both panels.

Kenneth Weinstein, Moderator

President & CEO, Hudson Institute

Mark Blitz, Panel One

Claremont McKenna College

Kathryn Sensen, Panel One

Harvard University

Adam Schulman, Panel One

St. John's College, Annapolis

Jerry Weinberger, Panel One

Hudson Adjunct Fellow and Michigan State University

William Kristol, Moderator

Editor, The Weekly Standard

Ross Douthat, Panel Two

Columnist, New York Times

George Will, Panel Two

Columnist, Washington Post

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