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Letter to Speaker Johnson from President and CEO John Walters and Distinguished Fellow Mike Pompeo

President and CEO
Distinguished Fellow
American troops participate in exercise Steadfast Defender 24 in Poland on March 5, 2024. (DVIDS)
American troops participate in exercise Steadfast Defender 24 in Poland on March 5, 2024. (DVIDS)

We write as individuals as you consider the path forward in the House of Representatives for the national security supplemental that includes critical replenishment of US weapons stocks and support to our Allies. We encourage you to lead with conviction and bring the aid package to a vote.

We understand the pressure in an election year to set aside national defense issues “over there” for the sake of domestic needs here. But none of our challenges at home will be made better by abandoning our Allies at this time of great need, when they are staring down enemies of the free world.

In his 1982 Westminster address, President Reagan spoke of the tremendous challenge facing the West against “totalitarian forces in the world who seek subversion and conflict around the globe to further their barbarous assault on the human spirit.” Today, similar forces have been unleashed.

The Russia-China-Iran-North Korea axis seeks to undermine US-led alliances and weaken American security. These regimes seek to exploit, embarrass, and collapse the confidence of societies who believe in the value of freedom and the principle of self-determination. They seek surrender.

Ukraine is fighting for its survival against an expansionist Russia that despises and contests the West. Without a single U.S. or NATO soldier firing a shot, Ukraine has caused Russia to suffer losses of manpower and equipment it has not seen since World War II.

Our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, is fighting a righteous war to eliminate Iran-backed Hamas. It must emerge victorious in its military campaign if enduring peace is to be achieved.

Taiwan is a vibrant democracy seeking peace and security to determine its own future. And yet the Chinese Communist Party continues to pressure, harass, and intimidate the Taiwanese and our allies in the Indo-Pacific. A stronger Taiwan and a better prepared Japan, South Korea, and AUKUS, help the U.S. deter Beijing’s aggression.

These conflicts are connected and directly impact the security of the United States. Americans are safer and more prosperous when we support our friends in thwarting our common enemies who work together against us across the globe.


Sec. Mike Pompeo 
Seventieth Secretary of State and Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow

John P. Walters 
President and CEO, Hudson Institute