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Developing policies that ensure the US remains a leading power in the age of digital warfare. 

Arthur Herman
Senior Fellow and Director, Quantum Alliance Initiative
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Alexander Butler
Associate Director, Quantum Alliance Initiative
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David Altman
Public Affairs Associate

Launched in 2018, the Quantum Alliance Initiative was created to develop and champion policies that allow the US and its allies to win the race to a universal quantum computer, while simultaneously working to ensure that both will be safe from a future quantum computer cyberattack within five years.

Since its founding, the Quantum Alliance Initiative has established clear thought leadership in this crucial area of information technology for the 21st century. The Initiative aims to:

  • Promote public awareness as well as among government and corporate leaders, of the critical importance of quantum technology in the coming “post-digital age.” Including interface with artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain, autonomous systems, and other advanced technologies. 
  • Develop a strong international quantum community that spans the quantum technology spectrum, from quantum computers and sensors to quantum and post-quantum cryptography.
  • Turn insight into future trends in quantum information science, into policy realities