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Containing Ebola in NYC

Tevi Troy

Tevi Troy, former deputy secretary of the U.S. Health and Human Services, told CNBC in a “Squawk Box” interview on Friday that New York City is the most likely city where Ebola would have appeared given how much traffic goes through New York. “It sounds like New York is mostly prepared,” he said, “The hospital that Dr. Spencer is at is one of the hospitals that’s prepared for this in New York.”

He noted, however, that caring for Ebola patients is extremely labor-intensive. “The patient in Dallas supposedly had about 40 health care workers, which is a lot for a single patient,” he said. “And you wonder, if you have multiple cases, to what extent does this begin to strain the health-care system, not just in terms of the tracking and tracing but also the protective equipment and the number of health-care workers who are monitoring the person?”

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