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Health Expert: Obama’s Ebola Response Has ‘Failed Public Health 101′

Tevi Troy

By providing inaccurate information early on, President Obama has “failed public health 101.” Panic can be spread when citizens lose faith that their government is providing credible information in a crisis situation. Troy details the “hiccups” of the Ebola crisis in this exclusive Daily Caller video interview.

To Troy, President Obama alienates Congress by being overly “political” — as he is apt to use “heavy-handed” approaches.

Some critics are casting the president’s global Ebola efforts as another example of Obama placing his ideological global agenda over American interests. Troy disagrees and supports the president’s slow, but important efforts in Africa using our military. While Troy admits he worries about our porous borders, he believes “America is safe, secure and prosperous” enough to export our military to address this health crisis in Africa before it spreads further.

While it is true that “sending our military to West Africa will expose them to danger” from the virus, he is reassured that the military has quarantine options if they become exposed to the disease.

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