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Do Not Underestimate the Depth of US Concern Over Huawei
A Huawei logo is seen on top of an office building in Bucharest, Romania on May 1, 2019. (NurPhoto/Getty Images)
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Do Not Underestimate the Depth of US Concern Over Huawei

Robert Spalding

There is a mistaken impression concerning the US national security policy-making process that says somehow our government is not serious because decision-making in the Trump administration can be capricious and arbitrary. Having been a part of the process as senior director of strategy to the president, I can say this is farthest from the truth.

The Trump White House has been grappling with a bureaucracy which has grown complacent over decades of American dominance. The truth is that the world has gradually changed in ways that favour totalitarian regimes. Globalisation and the internet, which initially looked like the harbingers of liberal democratic values, have become been harnessed by dictatorships…

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