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Elaine L. Chao, 18th U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Returns to Hudson Institute as a Distinguished Fellow

Elaine L. Chao, 18th U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Returns to Hudson Institute as a Distinguished Fellow

Hudson Institute

WASHINGTON—Hudson Institute announced today that The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, the 18th U.S. Secretary of Transportation and 24th U. S. Secretary of Labor, has rejoined Hudson as a distinguished fellow. Secretary Chao will lead a public policy program on labor and transportation policy and economic leadership.

Secretary Chao has had a distinguished career in public service, serving as U.S. Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Secretary of Labor, Director of the Peace Corps, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission and White House Fellow. In these positions, she was widely known for her initiatives to spur American innovation, modernize America’s infrastructure, increase the competitiveness of America’s workforce, and encourage entrepreneurship – especially for women – in newly emerging democracies.   She has also served in the non-profit and private sectors as president and CEO of United Way of America, and as a vice president at Bank of America. Chao received her MBA from Harvard Business School, and a degree in economics from Mount Holyoke College.

“Elaine’s leadership on behalf of economic growth, American competitiveness and innovation throughout her impressive career has been an inspiration to all of us at Hudson Institute,” said Sarah Stern, Chairman of Hudson’s Board of Trustees. “It is a great privilege to welcome her back to Hudson.”

“We are honored to welcome Elaine back to Hudson,” said John Walters, president and CEO of the Hudson Institute. “Her experience, and service to this nation at the highest levels, are unrivaled. At a time when the U.S. economy has come under unprecedented strain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Secretary Chao’s perspective will help drive important policy conversations and further enhance Hudson’s scholarship on a host of cutting-edge issues.”

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