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Hudson Institute Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Hudson Institute Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Hudson Institute

Hudson Institute celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, marking more than half a century of policy research dedicated to keeping America and its allies secure, free, and prosperous. Founded in 1961 by Herman Kahn, Max Singer, and Oscar M. Ruebhausen, Hudson was established to foster a better understanding of deterrence in the atomic age and create the conditions for the free world to triumph over communism. At the outset, Hudson focused much of its policy output on military research projects; however, over time it broadened its focus to include foreign and domestic policy, and social and economic issues, applying Kahn’s innovative and rigorous intellectual approach to a range of policy challenges.

Watch the video below and join us in celebrating Hudson’s decades-long tradition of unconventional thinking, visionaries like Herman Kahn, and the transformational impact of Hudson Chairman Emeritus Walter P. Stern.

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