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Tanks and Long-Range Capabilities Are Crucial to Ukrainian Territorial Gains

Senior Fellow and Director, Center on Europe and Eurasia
Exercise Artemis Strike is a German-led tactical live fire exercise with live Patriot and Stinger missiles at the NATO Missile Firing Installation in Chania, Greece from Oct. 31-Nov. 09. Over 200 U.S. soldiers and approximately 650 German airmen will be participating in the realistic training within a combined construct, exercise the rigors associated with force projection and educate operators on their air missile defense systems. The 10th Army Air Missile Defense Command will deploy, operate and fire live
A US Army Patriot missile system launches a rocket as part of a NATO training exercise in Greece on November 11, 2017. (DVIDS)

Peter Rough appears on the Kevin McCullough Show to discuss why US aid achieves a "three way win" of helping Ukraine remain free, defeating a key strategic threat, and boosting the US economy.