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Iran's Missile Program

The Consequences of the Emerging American-Iranian Nuclear Deal

National Security, Privacy, and Renewing the USA PATRIOT Act May 13th Event


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Egypt Two Years After Morsi: Part 1

Samuel Tadros

The U.S. needs to work for an Egypt that does not descend into the regional chaos that has overwhelmed so many Arab countries....

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Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, Volume 18

Eric B. Brown , Hillel Fradkin , Husain Haqqani & Hassan Mneimneh

Analysis on AQAP, Salafism, Ansar Al-Sharia, and Jihad...

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Obama's Showdown with China in the Spratlys

Arthur Herman

China isn't just remaking the Spratlys. It's preparing to defend its claims by force....

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