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The World’s Largest Muslim Organization Just Honored Evangelicals

Paul Marshall

Last week, a small but significant celebration headlined as “God Needs No Defense: Reimagining Muslim-Christian Relations” was held in a remarkabl...

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Uyghur American: I Was Born in a Chinese Reeducation Camp. I Will Always Fight China's Lies.

Nury Turkel

My mother gave birth to me while in captivity in China. On that day, in that prison called a reeducation camp, I don’t imagine that she could have e...

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What America Owes the Uyghurs: A Plan for Stopping China's Genocide

Nury Turkel & Beth Van Shaack

There is a word for what is happening in the Xinjiang region of China: genocide. Chinese authorities have rounded up "millions()":https://foreignpolic...

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