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Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century Innovation Across the Nonprofit, Private, and Public Sectors

“In less than a generation, we have witnessed a tectonic shift in the way people think about and work toward social change. The reasons are myriad and stem from both disaffection—impatience with existing programs and policies—and idealism—a profound desire for meaningful work that makes a positive impact on the world. The groundswell of new activism, or what we call social entrepreneurship, is manifest across society as creative change makers test new solutions to entrenched social, economic, and environmental problems.”

So begins Georgia Levenson Keohane’s new book, Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century, which provides a lively and comprehensive introduction to all facets of this “tectonic shift.” Not all students of social entrepreneurship are quite as sanguine about it, however, which set the scene for a stimulating conversation at the Bradley Center on February 27th.

Required Reading
Georgia Levenson Keohane, Excerpt from “Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century: Innovation Across the Nonprofit, Private, and Public Sectors”

Rick Cohen Panelist

National Correspondent for Nonprofit Quarterly

Howard Husock Panelist

Vice President for Policy Research at the Manhattan Institute

Georgia Levenson Keohane Panelist

Roosevelt Institute Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Columbia Business School, Author of Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

Diana Wells Panelist

President of Ashoka - Innovators for the Public

William Schambra Moderator

Senior Fellow; Director, Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal

Hudson Experts

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