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U.S.- Russia Relations: The Future of the Reset

With publication of a list of Russian officials covered by the Magnitsky Act, which denies U.S. visas to Russian nationals implicated in human-rights abuses and freezes their U.S. assets, U.S.- Russian relations have reached a new low. The Kremlin has retaliated against the Magnitsky Act by banning U.S. adoptions of Russian children, and by launching official inquiries into whether certain Western-supported Russian NGOs are acting as unregistered “foreign agents.”

In light of these and other developments, including the mysterious recent death of Putin critic Boris Berezovsky in London, what is the current state and likely future of U.S.- Russian relations?  Why has President Obama’s initial, widely publicized intention to “reset” and improve relations with Moscow apparently borne so little fruit?

To address these questions, Hudson Institute held a panel discussion featuring Hudson Senior Fellows Andrei Piontkovsky and David Satter, and Cato Institute Fellow Andrei Ilarionov, a former economic adviser to Putin.

Andrei Piontkovsky Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow

David Satter Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow

Andrei Ilarionov Panelist

Cato Institute Fellow and former economic adviser to Putin

Hudson Experts

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