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Organization and Innovation in Air Traffic Control

On September 12, 2013, Hudson’s Initiative on Future Innovation convened a distinguished panel of experts from government, business, and the academic world for an off-the-record workshop on a working draft of Organization and Innovation in Air Traffic Control by Robert W. Poole, Jr. Mr. Poole, one of America’s foremost experts on air- and surface-transportation policy, is director of transportation policy at the Reason Foundation and author of its widely followed Air Traffic Control Reform newsletter. Organization and Innovation in Air Traffic Control — since published in final form as the third in a series of major research papers by Hudson’s Innovation Initiative, and available for download under the “Further Reading” header elsewhere on this page — is a both a definitive study of current U.S. air traffic control policy and a sweeping proposal for administrative and regulatory reform to create a new, technologically advanced, and dynamic system of air transportation in the United States.

Robert W. Poole, Jr. Author and Presenter

Director of Transportation Policy, Reason Foundation

Christopher DeMuth Moderator

Hudson Distinguished Fellow and Director, Initiative on Future Innovation

James Burnley Discussant

Gary Church Discussant

Kimberly Dennis Discussant

Gerald Dillingham Discussant

George Donohue Discussant

Chris Edwards Discussant

Jack Fearnsides Discussant

Craig Fuller Discussant

Richard Golaszewski Discussant

Tim Kane Discussant

Chief Economist, Hudson Institute

Heather Krause Discussant

Ira Kuhn Discussant

Hanns Kuttner Discussant

Hudson Senior Fellow

Eli Lehrer Discussant

Lewis Libby Discussant

Hudson Senior Vice President

Paul Rinaldi Discussant

William Ris Discussant

John Strong Discussant

David Tell Discussant

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Public Affairs & Special Projects

Tevi Troy Discussant

Hudson Visiting Fellow

Steve Van Beek Discussant

Marc Viggiano Discussant

John P. Walters Discussant

Hudson Chief Operating Officer

Kenneth R. Weinstein Discussant

Hudson President & CEO

Margaret Whitehead Discussant

Hudson Board of Trustees

Clifford Winston Discussant

Hudson Experts

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