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China’s Rise: Regional Responses and Lessons for Washington

As recent incidents in the East China Sea, South China Sea, and Yellow Sea confirm, China’s military expansion and the possible implications for American strategic interests in Asia are serious. Less known is the evolving strategy that countries such as Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and South Korea are crafting in response.

Topics discussed included how Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are seeking to respond to China’s rise; the evolving nature of China’s multidimensional challenge to U.S. strategic primacy in Asia; and the current Australian response to China’s military expansion.

Seth Cropsey, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow

Dan Blumenthal, Panelist

AEI Resident Fellow

John Lee, Panelist

Hudson Visiting Fellow and Foreign Policy Fellow at Sydney's Center for Independent Studies

Andrew Shearer, Panelist

Director of Studies at the Lowy Institute in Sydney

Hudson Experts

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