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Defense Procurement for the 21st Century: Balancing Soldier Safety with Cost Savings

Critics claim that the defense procurement process is inefficient: it often places too much emphasis on the lowest cost and hampers innovation in the defense sector. In the current budget climate, with significant calls for defense budget reductions, reforming defense spending may be counterproductive. Should short-term cost savings drive defense reform or should defense policy reformers seek a broader overhaul that might incorporate effectiveness standards for equipment and new technologies, including combat effectiveness, portability, and resilience?

Seth Cropsey, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy

General Thomas Hill (ret.), Panelist

Former commander of the U.S. Southern Command

Captain Tim Holden (ret), Panelist

Former Navy SEAL

Thomas Donnelly, Panelist

Resident Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Studies

Hudson Experts

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