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2012 Herman Kahn Award Dinner Honoring Vice President Dick Cheney

At a gala dinner in New York on December 6, 2012, Hudson Institute presented its annual Herman Kahn Award to former Vice President Dick Cheney in recognition of his extraordinary career of service to the United States and its government. Introduced by Hudson Senior Vice President Lewis Libby, his longtime friend and colleague, Cheney accepted the Kahn Award with kind and generous remarks about the Institute—and with a special tribute to another longtime friend, Hudson Board Chairman Emeritus Allan R. Tessler.

During his talk, the former vice president also offered an extended critique of current Obama administration national security and nuclear nonproliferation policy:

When I hear our president announce that we got Bin Laden, problem solved; that Al Qaeda is toast; that they are significantly diminished; and that we can pivot now, because the United States no longer has to be concerned about developments in that part of the world, and focus our efforts on Asia—I am, on the one hand, appalled. Secondly, I fear for future developments if, in fact, they’re going to continue to pursue the policies that this administration has pursued.

Cheney’s remarks were almost immediately picked up by Fox News Channel and other national media outlets.

Hudson Institute Board Chairman Sarah May Stern and Hudson Institute President & CEO Kenneth R. Weinstein also provided remarks.

Sarah May Stern Welcoming Remarks

Hudson Institute Board Chair

Kenneth R. Weinstein Tribute to Herman Kahn

Hudson Institute President & CEO

Lewis Libby Introduction of Vice President Dick Cheney

Hudson Senior Vice President

Richard B. Cheney 2012 Herman Kahn Award Honoree

Former Vice President of the United States

Allan R. Tessler Featured Speaker

Hudson Board Member and Chairman Emeritus

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