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Healthy Profits: Realising the Business Potential of ‘Better for You’

As consumer awareness of the connections between diet and health increases, demand for ‘better for you’ food and drink continues to grow. The UK market is already valued at £20 billion with analysts predicting revenue growth potential of up to 70% in the next few years, providing a robust and responsible attractive business case for the UK food and drink industry.

How can industry capitalise on the growth potential of ‘better for you’ and what challenges must be overcome to realise the returns?

Gavin Esler Host

Presenter on Newsnight and BBC News

Hank Cardello Panelist

Senior Fellow and Director, Obesity Solutions Initiative, Hudson Institute

James Withers Panelist

Chief Executive, Scotland Food & Drink

Robert Lawson Panelist

Co-founder, Food Strategy Associates

Hudson Experts