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The Legacy of the Hong Kong Democracy Protests April 10th Event

In late 2014, the business district of Hong Kong was flooded by pro-democracy activists protesting efforts by the People’s Republic of China to control Hong Kong’s democratic elections. Dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution,” these demonstrations brought to light Beijing’s efforts to restrict pro-democracy candidates from being nominated in advance of the Hong Kong Chief Executive election in 2017.

On Friday, April 10, Hudson Institute’s Center for Chinese Strategy hosted a conversation with David Feith, Hong Kong-based editorial page writer for The Wall Street Journal, and Libby Liu, president of Radio Free Asia, to examine the legacy of the Hong Kong protests, the future of uncensored media, and the democracy movement. Michael Pillsbury, director of the Center for Chinese Strategy, moderated the discussion.


Michael Pillsbury Moderator

Senior Fellow & Director of the Center for Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute

David Feith Speaker

Editorial Page Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Libby Liu Speaker

President, Radio Free Asia

Hudson Experts

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