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Kleptocracy and U.S. National Security

Throughout the world, high-level corruption undermines the rule of law, confidence in public authorities, and human rights. The turmoil following the Arab Spring, the increasing violence of narcotics cartels in Latin America, and the war in Ukraine illustrate the threat kleptocracy poses to both international stability and U.S. national security.

Federal law enforcement agencies are increasingly targeting corrupt officials, their illicit assets, and the institutions that enable kleptocracy. Since corrupt agents often look to the Western financial system as a vehicle for legitimizing and protecting their money, the importance of the U.S. to this system offers far greater leverage over kleptocratic regimes than is currently acknowledged.

To address the national security implications of kleptocracy and discuss the countermeasures currently in practice, Hudson Institute hosted a panel featuring Jeffrey Sallet, Debra LaPrevotte, and Thomas Firestone. Charles Davidson moderated the discussion.

Charles Davidson Moderator

Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative

Jeffrey Sallet Speaker

Chief, Public Corruption/Civil Rights Section, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Debra LaPrevotte Speaker

Supervisory Special Agent, Public Corruption/Civil Rights Section, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Thomas Firestone Speaker

Partner, Baker and McKenzie LLP

Hudson Experts

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