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America's Future Natural Gas Economy: Promoting the Next Energy Breakthrough

America's Future Natural Gas Economy: Promoting the Next Energy Breakthrough April 6th Event

America’s abundance of shale natural gas represents a historic opportunity for the United States to achieve a burst of clean economic growth—and gives American energy security and independence a new meaning.

Will natural gas serve as an essential bridge in the coming era of clean renewable energy sources? Four panels of experts discussed how the transition to natural gas as a leading power source and industrial feedstock will impact key sectors of the American economy.

George Allen, former governor and U.S. senator from Virginia, keynoted the conference. Energy entrepreneur, financier, and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens took part in a lunchtime dialogue on America’s natural gas future with Hudson Senior Fellow Arthur Herman.

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Gov. George Allen Keynote Speaker

President of George Allen Strategies, LLC and former governor & U.S. senator from Virginia

T. Boone Pickens Speaker

Chairman, BP Capital and Founder, Mesa Petroleum

Arthur Herman Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Richard Kruse Panelist

Vice President of Regulatory and FERC Compliance Officer, Spectra Energy

Michelle Bloodworth Panelist

Executive Director of External Affairs, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.

Gal Sitty Panelist

Policy Manager, Fuel Freedom Foundation

Timothy Jacobs Panelist

Director of the Advanced Engine Research Laboratory, Texas A&M Energy Institute, Texas A&M University

W. David Montgomery Panelist

Affiliated Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting

Victoria Zaretskaya Panelist

Lead Industry Economist, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Owen Kean Panelist

Senior Director of Energy Policy, American Chemistry Council

Hudson Experts

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