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ISIS, Russia, and China: Can America Win a Three-Front Information War? April 18th Event

As the information age becomes the disinformation age, America faces three distinct adversaries, each with its own expertise in marrying cutting-edge technology with age-old methods of manipulation and deception. What are the differences between radical jihadist, Russian, and Chinese propaganda? How is America responding? How should it respond?

Hudson Institute held a roundtable discussion that focused on the whole range of approaches, from US international media to public diplomacy to strategic communications to “grey” and “black” psy-ops, with Jeffrey Gedmin, senior fellow at Atlantic Council and former president and CEO of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Martha Bayles, visiting fellow at Hudson Institute, and Eric Brown, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute.


Jeffrey Gedmin Moderator

Senior Fellow, Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, and Senior Adviser, Blue Star Strategies

Martha Bayles Speaker

Visiting Fellow, Hudson Institute

Eric Brown Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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