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Taking Stock of Trump’s Foreign Policy After Year One

Taking Stock of Trump’s Foreign Policy After Year One February 26th Event

Donald J. Trump secured the Republican nomination despite overwhelming opposition from many seasoned Republican national security experts. His inexperience in government and foreign policy, willingness to question long-standing U.S. policy positions, and generally free-wheeling style were of special concern to many Beltway professionals. Now, after one year of the Trump administration, a serious evaluation is warranted. How is the outsider president doing? What is America’s foreign policy under President Trump? Were the early judgments about him and his views on America’s place in the world accurate?

On February 26, Hudson Institute hosted a panel discussion to assess President Trump’s foreign policy during his first year in office. The panel will consist of Hudson Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead and Senior Fellows Michael Doran, Craig Kennedy, and Rebeccah Heinrichs. The discussion was moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Tod Lindberg.


Walter Russell Mead Speaker

Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

Michael Doran Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Rebeccah Heinrichs Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Tod Lindberg Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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