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Countering Russian Kleptocracy
Credit: Wisnlow Productions

Countering Russian Kleptocracy April 17 Event

Kleptocratic regimes use corruption and as a means of control at home and a weapon of influence abroad. Russian oligarchs and other Kremlin agents have become adept at exploiting the global financial system to launder illicit funds and convert them into new forms of power projection, including attacks on Western democratic institutions.

The Kremlin’s attempts to influence elections have exposed a series of systemic vulnerabilities in the United States, whose national security now requires a sustained response. Hudson Institute’s new report, Countering Russian Kleptocracy, outlines policy that, if implemented, would provide a comprehensive and effective strategy to counter Moscow’s aims.

On April 17, Hudson held a discussion with report authors Ben Judah and Nate Sibley, Charles Davidson, Clay Fuller, and Jeffrey Gedmin.


Charles Davidson Speaker

Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute, and Publisher, The American Interest

Clay Fuller Speaker

Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Jeffrey Gedmin Speaker

Senior Fellow, Georgetown University

Ben Judah Speaker

Research Fellow, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

Nate Sibley Speaker

Program Manager, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

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