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The Holocaust and the Arab World

The Holocaust and the Arab World June 27 Event

For the past seven decades serious discussion about the Holocaust has been virtually non-existent in the Arabic speaking world. The Holocaust has been dismissed, instead, with outlandish conspiracy theories, outright denial, and accusations of “Jewish exploitation,” among other things. Few in the Arab world consider the Holocaust as a genuinely epochal event in modern history.

In a new Alhurra show, co-hosts Samuel Tadros and Ammar Abdulhamid explore this issue, addressing both the Holocaust and the Arabic speaking world’s relationship to it.

On June 27, Hudson Institute hosted a screening of the Sam & Ammar Show followed by a discussion with the co-hosts. The discussion was moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Hillel Fradkin.


Dr. Hillel Fradkin Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Samuel Tadros Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Ammar Abdulhamid Speaker

Co-host, Sam & Ammar Show, Alhurra

Hudson Experts

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