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Melting Pot or Civil War: A Conversation with Reihan Salam on Immigration in the U.S. November 1 Event

Hudson Institute, in partnership with National Review Institute, hosted author Reihan Salam for a discussion about immigration in the United States and his new book, Melting Pot Or Civil War? A Son of Immigrants Makes the Case Against Open Borders. The conversation will be moderated by Hudson Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead.

Will the America of the future be peaceful and united, or it will be wracked by intense ethnic and class conflicts that will undermine our most cherished ideals? Rejecting both militant multiculturalism and white identity politics, Salam argues that a sane and sober policy that favors skilled immigrants is the best way to combat rising inequality, balance diversity with assimilation, and create a new nationalism that puts the interests of Americans—native-born and foreign-born, of all creeds and colors—first. He paints an optimistic picture of the truly united society America can and must become.


Reihan Salam Speaker

Executive Editor, National Review and Senior Fellow, National Review Institute

Walter Russell Mead Moderator

Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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