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Venezuela on Fire: The Trump Administration Faces Crisis in Latin America

Venezuela on Fire: The Trump Administration Faces Crisis in Latin America

Hudson Institute will host a discussion on the crisis in Venezuela and the future of the Latin America. The panel will be introduced by the director of Hudson Institute’s Center for Latin American Studies, Ambassador Jaime Daremblum, followed by an expert panel moderated by Hudson Institute senior fellow Lee Smith.

The Trump White House has won bipartisan support and multilateral backing abroad for its recent Venezuela policy. While issuing unequivocal demands that President Nicolás Maduro step down and recognize national assembly leader and interim President Juan Guaidó, the administration has sent humanitarian assistance through the Colombian border to provide assistance to those in the region affected by the crisis.

However, many fear that skirmishes between pro-Maduro forces and the opposition may be a harbinger of worse to come. Some wonder if Venezuela is on the brink of civil war. If so, a political crisis in one of the Western hemisphere’s major energy producers will likely reverberate throughout the Americas and world markets. Decades of socialist policies designed to enrich corrupt “boligarchs” have impoverished the country while uprooting its political processes and tearing at its social fabric.

NOTE: This event is open to the press. All members of the media should RSVP to [email protected]


Ambassador Jaime Daremblum Speaker

Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Hudson Institute

Lee Smith Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

José R. Cárdenas Speaker

Former State Department official in the George W. Bush administration

Gustavo Coronel Speaker

Former Transparency International Representative to Venezuela

John Polga-Hecimovich Speaker

Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, U.S. Naval Academy

Christopher Sabatini Speaker

Adjunct Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Hector Schamis Speaker

Adjunct Instructor, Center for Latin American Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

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