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Securing the Peace in Oceania and the Pacific Islands
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Securing the Peace in Oceania and the Pacific Islands

Hudson Institute will host a discussion on Oceania’s evolving strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region. The panel of experts will be moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Eric Brown. Oceania and the Pacific Islands countries have rapidly become a key locus of the intensifying economic and security competition now unfolding across Maritime Asia. The last 40 years of liberal peace in Asia have been enormously beneficial to Pacific Rim countries, particularly China, but less so for many Pacific Island countries. Geographically isolated, many of these countries face severe economic and governance issues—as well as policy neglect by the Pacific Rim’s advanced democracies.

In recent years, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has dramatically enlarged its economic involvement throughout Oceania. This state-directed expansion is generating high levels of indebtedness among some Pacific Islands countries to China, and the PRC now appears intent on translating this into strategic leverage. How can Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and other advanced Pacific Rim democracies best cooperate to upgrade the liberal peace in Oceania, and promote commerce and connectivity based on Rule of Law and good governance that benefits the peoples of the Pacific Islands?

NOTE: This event is open to the press. All members of the media should RSVP to [email protected]


Hideshi Tokuchi Speaker

Former Japan Vice Minister of Defense for International Affairs

Dr. James Clad Speaker

Senior Fellow, American Foreign Policy Council, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia Pacific Security Affairs

Dr. John Lee Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, and former national security advisor to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Dr. Anna Powles Speaker

Senior Lecturer, Massey University

Dr. Noriyuki Segawa Speaker

Professor, Kindai University

Eric Brown Speaker

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

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