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Reinforcing the U.S.-Taiwan Defense Alliance
(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)
(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

Reinforcing the U.S.-Taiwan Defense Alliance

Hudson Institute will host an event to discuss the future of U.S.-Taiwan defense relations. The panel will include former Taiwan Defense Minister Michael Tsai and the President of Formosan Association for Public Affairs Dr. Mike Kuo. The discussion will be moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for American Seapower Seth Cropsey.

In July, the State Department approved what could be a multi-billion dollar arms sale to Taiwan, signaling that the Trump administration views the decades-old alliance as a priority in the region. The deal has agitated China, whose growing air and naval presence on all sides of Taiwan and increasing assertiveness in the region have renewed tensions between the two countries. Speakers will consider China’s growing threat to Taiwan and the additional cooperative security measures the U.S. and Taiwan can take to advance their shared interest in peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

NOTE: This event is open to the press. All members of the media should RSVP to [email protected]


Seth Cropsey Moderator

Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute

Dr. Mike Kuo

President, Formosan Association for Public Affairs

Michael Tsai

Taiwanese Politician and former Defense Minister

Hudson Experts

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